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BNM752 / BNM752J

Service Innovation & Servitization

Servitization is the innovation of a firm’s business model to compete through services rather than products alone, offering products-as-a-service and regularly earning revenue when the desired outcomes are achieved. It can offer businesses a pathway to both significantly improving economic productivity by creating greater value for their customers, and to delivering higher environmental performance through improved resource efficiency and dematerialisation within the supply chain.

Short Intro Video About the Module

Module Aim

To develop specialist skills and knowledge in service innovation and servitization, and the challenges of launching a service and solution business within a product-oriented organisation.

Learning Outcomes

Critically analyse the concepts/theories relating to service innovation that are outlined in the module


Critically assess how an advanced service strategy would benefit a business/industry


Relate the learning from this module to your own field/specialism/experience


Plan a business strategy review/change project.


1. Individual assignment (80%)

This is a critique of a significant issue or opportunity identified in relation to the student's own prior business experience. The students will identify an issue or opportunity relating to their business or their own activities and will critically assess how an advanced service strategy OR a service innovation would bring financial and operational benefits.

2. Individual presentation (20%)

This is a 8-10 minute presentation by individual student, which focuses on the outline of the final individual assignment. This will be followed by a 5-10 minute Q&A session that will be chaired by the module leader and/or relevant instructors.




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