Strategy vs. Business Model

Not only the mainstream magazines, but also some experienced practitioners and even scholars use the term business model and strategy interchangeably. Well, that's NOT quite right! The below video by Harvard Business Review explains the difference in a very straight forward term. Source: Harvard Business Review, 5th Aug 2016 Further to this, two great articles from HBR helps to understand the difference between strategy and business model. Micheal Porter in his "What Is Strategy? " published in 1996 explains that: "the essence of strategy is choosing to perform activities differently than rivals do". He discussed that strategy is a matter of working out your company’s best position relative

Servitization: Revisiting the State of the art

Our latest research paper just got accepted for publication at the International Journal of Operations & Production Management (24 July 2016 - DOI: 10.1108/IJOPM-06–2015–0312). This paper consolidates the servitization knowledge base from the perspective of organisational change, and identifying topics both developed and undeveloped to direct future research. Underpinning this agenda was a systemic literature review set against an established organisational change framework proposed by Andrew Pettigrew in 1998. Some 232 peer-reviewed journal publications, which were written by 183 lead authors, and published between January 1988 and April 2015 have been identified and reviewed, and has ultim